Rapha Hell of the North V


Rapha’s fifth installment of Hell of the North is on April 13th. Run as an homage to the Spring classic that is Paris-Roubaix, the Hell of the North takes in 100 kilometers of rough roads to the north of London. Past editions have seen some 20 odd gravĂ© sectors, which mean I’m reluctant to take my Bosberg out. The clearances for the tyres are pretty minimal and occasionally bits of gravel and small stones end up rubbing the brake bridges. Time to dust off the old CAADX, which saw very little use last cross season. Think I’ll shod my H Plus Sons with some 28mm Continentals.

Entry is free. Well I say is, spaces are very limited and this year’s edition was full in record time. The ride sets off at roughly 10:00AM with a midway feed stop before returning to a pub in Barnet for a screening of the real deal, Paris-Roubaix, with Belgian frites and beer to wash it down. I can’t wait.

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